"European spirit" based on Europe's core values of dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, and respect for human rights.


European people - Creating an intercultural dialogue, an active exchange of views and opinions between our different cultures.


Languages can build bridges between people, giving us access to other countries and cultures, and enabling us to understand each other better.


The European Union is made of its citizens and for its citizens! Go abroad and explore Europe with the European mobility programme ERASMUS+!

 "…Children and young people represent our future and must have the opportunity to shape that future.[…] We must build on children’s and young people’s sense of initiative and the positive contribution they can make through participation, while reaffirming the common fundamental values on which our democracies are based…" Paris Declaration, 17 March 2015

Intellectual outputs / products

IO1 Whitepaper
“Skills#EU meets VET in European mobility”

In order to design a training concept tailored to  VET trainees we collected data on the state of the art regarding the trainees´ needs, expectations and visions related to various dimensions of social and civic competences, cultural awareness and expression with the aim of ensuring that our project promotes the acquisition of key competences.

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IO4 Skills#EU Module 2:
Understanding, negotiation and decision-making 

- becoming familiar with European decision making process
- democratic principles and representation of interests in Europe
- ways for successful participation in democratic processes in Europe
- decision making, language, culture, interests.

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IO2 Curriculum Skills#EU, inluding guidelines for trainers and assessment of learning outcomes

The curriculum is structured by the three provided learning modules:

Module 1: Challenges and Opportunities as European citizen
Module 2: Understanding, negotiation and decision-making
Module 3: Intercultural communication

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IO5 Skills#EU Module 3:
Intercultural communication

- understanding the Hofstede cultural communication theory 
- taking into account cultural influences 
- informing yourself about the history in Europe
- being able to communicate in a foreign language

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IO3 Skills#EU Module 1:
Challenges and Opportunities as European citizen

- understanding the development of the European Union
- realizing the core achievements of European Integration
- making yourself familiar with basic European legislation
- capability to applying health and safety regulations in Europe

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IO6 European Peer Learning
platform for Youth in IVET mobility

VET learners in ERASMUS+ mobilities  learn a great deal by explaining their ideas to other participants and by taking part in activities in which they can learn from their peers.


Skills#EU – Learning Mobility – Opening European Minds
GRANT AGREEMENT n° 2015-3-DE04-KA205-013135

Key Action 2  - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


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