Our mission - your challenge

With the EU funded mobility programmes a great number of young trainees between 18 and 25 have the chance to live and work in another European country for several weeks. The mobility experience shall awake their enthusiasm for their hosting country and add a European perspective both to their professional career as well as their personal life.

The overall aim of Skills#EU is to develop and pilot a blended-learning training programme for young trainees that accompanies them before, during and after their mobility experience and equips them with the means to activate their full EU citizenship, to develop key competences, and to fulfil their educational potential in the field of social and civic competences, cultural awareness and expression.

Before developing the training-programme, project partners perform a survey among trainees and trainers. This is ensuring that the skills conveyed during the trainings do not only activate the trainees as European citizens, but, at the same time is equiping them with verifiable European skills and competences.

This makes them develop a European perspective both in their professional and personal life and is preparing them for the challenges of a European labour market.